How to Increase Visitor Engagement With a Simple 10 Step Checklist

These easy tips are like eyeball glue for your distracted visitors.

Ted Begnoche: Author. Freelancer. Business Owner. Banjo Player.

Hey, I get it because I've been there. You work like crazy to get clicks to your blog post, only to have Analytics tell you the sad and painful truth. Your visitors just aren't hanging around long enough to make a dent in your bottom line, even though you've done almost everything right.

  • Carefully crafted your best content
  • Painstakingly picked the most enticing pictures
  • Shared your baby with all the right people and in all the right places

And still - people are bouncing away like bowling balls on a trampoline...

Inside, you'll learn things like:

  • How to use storytelling to hook your readers and reel them in
  • Why getting personal is a good thing to do
  • When you use a rhetorical question, and why it's so darned effective

And many more tips you can put to use immediately!

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